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Merifix supplies simple, high-quality electronic test fixture kits.

Very low cost allows their use where fixtures are traditionally too expensive such as Research & Development, Engineering and Low-volume Production. Uses include debugging, programming, verification and test. Supplied "flat-packed" for end-user assembly; no special tools or experience required.

Low-cost Fixture

The low cost is due to careful selection of materials, use of modern laser cutting manufacturing techniques, simple design, and supplying the kit "flat packed".

Fixture kits are designed for end-user assembly with no special tools or experience. It is possible to put together an accurate, functional test jig using only a drill press, hand tools and some care. Precision CNC machines are not needed. Engraved grids and alignment features on the pressure plate, probe plate and rear panel aid customisation. Alternatively, let us custom drill your fixture for you.

Fixtures are suitable for probing boards that are 1/32" to 1/16" (0.8mm to 1.6mm) thick, and for test points on a minimum 0.075" (2mm) pitch.

Kit Contents

Fixture kits include all the mechanical components of the fixture itself, mounting hardware, a set of hold-down posts and a printed Quick Start Guide. A full length Assembly Guide is downloadable.

Test probes, spare probe plates, pre-cut rear panel inserts and a variety of other accessories are all available.