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Brochures are one-page summaries of our fixtures.

MF300 Fixture Kit Brochure
MF500 Fixture Kit Brochure
MF700 Fixture Kit Brochure


The Assembly Guide explains the system and includes detailed instructions for customising and assembling the fixtures complete with many photos and illustrations.

Merifix Test Fixture Assembly Guide

Our Guide to Test Fixtures provides an overview of the different types of PCB test jigs in common use, showing where Merifix fixtures fit. Our PCB Design Guide provides advice and design rules that will help to design boards that are compatible with modern test fixtures.

Guide to Test Fixtures
PCB Design Guide

Application Notes and Drawings

Application notes contains hints for using Merifix fixtures in specific situations. They typically include dimensions, wiring and usage tips.

App Note for TI Chipcon Programmer/Debugger
App Note for TI MSP430 Programmer/Debugger
App Note for Microchip PICkit Programmer/Debugger
App Note for Holes, Slots and Cutouts in the Drilling Service
App Note for Mounting Tag-Connect Probes

Drawings show the mechanical details of specific parts.

Locating Probe type S3
Locating Probe type S4
Locating Probe type GP-2


There is more information about various topics of interest on our Blog, and in our online store's Frequently Asked Questions page.