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What People are Saying

Really happy with your product.

I just wanted to email you guys and let you know how happy we are with your product. I was impressed with how everything fit together and worked flawlessly. Even the way it was packaged and shipped was impressive. I can tell a lot of time and planning went into designing your test fixture products.

Vic E., Engineer, Telecommunications equipment manufacturer, Nevada, USA

Great! A useful tool.

Steve R., Operations Manager, RFID tag manufacturer, Surrey, Canada

The assembly was quick and straightforward.

The test pins were easy to install and solder to. They are sturdy and reliable. The fixtures have been used on a daily basis and have programmed boards in the hundreds of numbers collectively. This fixture is lightweight, durable, aesthetically pleasing and reliable. There is plenty of space on and below the fixture for a customized setup.

Engineer, Consumer electronics OEM, Burnaby, Canada

Merifix PCB test-fixtures simplify lab work.

PCB test-fixture kits from Merifix enable engineers to replace unreliable, makeshift lash-ups with proper fixtures for routine tasks, such as programming and testing prototypes.

Janine Love, Test & Measurement World

The fixtures are simple enough that a system can be put together in just a few hours.

Susan Nordyk, EDN


Here are some Examples of fixtures put together by our customers showing a variety of different features and usage scenarios. Be inspired by what others have done.

This fixture nicely illustrates how you can mount items under the probe plate.

This fixture illustrates how you can test complete assemblies, or thicker-than-usual boards.

This fixture illustrates mounting items on the pressure plate, alternative alignment strategies, making connections with a PCB, and use of the optional base plate.

This unit is a nice illustration of typical fixture usage.

This unit demonstrates that fixtures don't have to be fancy to be useful.

This fixture includes a robotic arm!