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Merifix Electronics was started by a group of engineers working at an electronics design business. By day we design electronic products for clients in the consumer and industrial markets - often small circuit boards employing surface-mount technology and containing a mix of microcontrollers, digital, analog and wireless circuits. Just the sort of thing you probably design. We often have a need to program those microcontrollers, and our clients often need to program or test the boards in low-volume production. Over the years we have used a variety of commercial fixture kits to make PCB test jigs but have always been frustrated by their expense.

We wanted something different. We wanted a fixture kit that was inexpensive enough to be used around the lab for casual programming, debug and testing requirements. We wanted a fixture kit that we could recommend to our clients for their low-volume manufacturing test requirements. And we wanted a fixture kit simple enough that we could knock up a system in a few hours. So we designed one ourselves. And when we were done we thought there were probably many other engineers like us who could use it too. So Merifix Electronics was born.

We have tried to put together a complete system. We supply all the parts you need, from the fixture kits themselves to accessories such as spare probe plates to small-but-vital items such as precision drills. We have tried to make things as easy as possible by making pre-cut and pre-drilled parts available to suit common requirements. We would love to hear your ideas about other ways we can make things easier, and we would especially love to see pictures of the finished fixtures you put together with our kits.

Merifix Electronics is located in North Vancouver in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Our parent company has been in business since 2000, and our principals have been designing and testing electronic products since the 1980s in the UK and Canada. Our first fixture kit was beta tested at several "famous name" multi-national companies, and we have since shipped kits to customers around the world.

Merifix Electronics
113 - 1861 Welch Street
North Vancouver, BC, V7P 1B7

Please note that we have no physical storefront for sales or local pickup. For questions about our products you may find the answer in our documentation or FAQ. Contact us by email at .